Thanks for reaching out to us! We here at PETTIT-KAPPLINGER are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can always call us directly, but if you would like to send us an email, please use the form below and, depending on your question, either a Post Officer or our Canteen Manager will connect with you soon.  

PHONE: 989-386-7221

Hours of Operation:
M:   9am-11am and 3pm-7pm
T:   9am-11am and 3pm-7pm
W:   9am-11am and 3pm-7pm
Th:   9am-11am and 3pm-7pm
F:   9am-11am and 3pm-7pm
Sat:   3pm-7pm or later
Sun:   closed except special occ.

Canteen manager works 9am to 11am
Canteen opens at 3pm and remains open as long as we have 4-5 paying customers typically till7pm or later.
During winter hours (December till April or so) open 3:00pm close if we don't have 4-5 paying customers by 5:30pm.
Recommend to call in the evenings first at 989-386-7221.
We try to cater to the customers, but we do have a business to run.


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